Welcome to the official site for RU42 Video Productions!

Why do I make these videos?  Because Disney Magic is very special.  It can lift you, even for a short time, above circumstance and transport you to what can be.  The 'can be' attitude was demonstrated by Walt Disney himself in the creation of the Park.  My goal is to capture, preserve, and share the Park with you right where you live.

I want to thank you for visiting this site!


I think you will find my DVD creations are some of the best available anywhere. That may be a very bold statement to make. But I think I can back it up by telling you why I think my DVDs are so special. The simple answer is quality.

These videos are not simply point and film videos. I create these videos by shooting each attraction/show multiple times and then edit them together into a single, thought out, complete, focused representation. There is no way a single capture (point and film) presentation can capture all of the magic of a show or attraction. On top of great picture quality, which many times will show you things you never knew existed, you get top notch sound. You will see the rides just as if you were in the Park -queue and all. You will enjoy these DVDs, I guarantee it.

Yes, I said I guarantee your satisfaction. Purchase 1 (one) of my DVDs and test it out. If you do not think it is worth the price you paid simply return the DVD for a full refund.